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Introducing E-HERs

Crystal Tierney

Say hello to my little friends!!! Emoji Heart Emoticon Rings (E-HERs) are the latest collection by Rare Flare Originals. They are inspired by our increasingly cyber world and the fun little emoji faces that we use to express our emotions within that realm.

Image from Lookbook (click photo to view)

Image from Lookbook (click photo to view)

Since I was a young girl, I always enjoyed doodling smiley faces inside of hearts instead of circles. As emojis gained popularity, I would sometimes wish that a heart emoticon would be introduced into the Unicode Standard. When a variety of heart emojis were instated it was nice and sure, the heart eyed emoticon is cute. However, my longing for a divalicious little heart face emoticon as an option remained unfulfilled. Until now of course.

Image from Lookbook  (click photo to view)

Image from Lookbook  (click photo to view)

The creative process all started with an open minded trip to a bead store. I went in with no expectations except simply to buy whatever tickled my fancy. Wouldn’t you know it, heart shape fancy stones did just that. I didn’t hesitate to buy a variety of colors in addition to many other items. At the time, I had absolutely no clue what I was going to do with them. Then a few nights later, after having created several pieces of jewelry I decided to lay them out and create some magic. That is exactly what it felt like too because my vision of a heart emoticon was instantaneous. Sim Sala Bim!

E-HERs Version 2.0 features a prong setting. This style available now. (click to view)

E-HERs Version 2.0 features a prong setting. This style available now. (click to view)

Once the first style was complete (Hippie Chic), I kept using a new variety of elements with each new design. Each design left me wanting more and more varieties and I became obsessed with pushing the bar further and further. So much so that for the past few weeks I have stayed up countless nights creating E-HERs along with other collections. I have many more varieties in mind that I can’t wait to explore but to start I will be slow releasing versions of the samples you see here and in the look book.  Hippie Chic & Posh are available now!!!

E-HERs Version 2.0 features a prong setting. This style available now. (click to view)

E-HERs Version 2.0 features a prong setting. This style available now. (click to view)

To celebrate the creation of Rare Flare Originals & E-HERs we want to offer you not only an opportunity to be apart of the selection process for future designs but also a chance to WIN your very own Emoji Heart Emoticon Ring by Rare Flare. To enter all you have to do is comment below with your number selection (see photo) of the style you like most and your e-mail address. If Hippie Chic & Posh are you favorites then let us know. It's that simple! 


Please make sure you check out the >> Introducing E-HERs Lookbook << and the new/refashioned jewelry under Rare Flare Originals. As always, thanks for your support!


Happy Anniversary to

Crystal Tierney

Wow! What joy! Since launching last year both myself and my brand have experienced uplifting growth spurts. Choosing to leave my corporate and cold job behind to follow my dream of being a Stay at Home MoMpreneur (SAHM) has by far been the best decision of my life. Becoming a “Mommy” has caused me to really take notice of how much opportunity lays before me everyday. Witnessing the growth of my little one reminds me to make progression daily just as he does. Applying my renewed outlook on life to my passion for fashion has been instrumental in the success of Rare Flare thus far. Therefore, my son is my biggest inspiration!

Writing has always been a passion of mine so I was excited about using Rare Flare as a vehicle to start my own blog. However, due to the time constraints of being a new mother and business owner, I soon learned that I needed to better adjust to my new roles first. Instead, I decided to focus less on blogging and more on expanding my fashion and social media network. It was important to me that when launched that there was an audience to share it with other than my friends and family. So, I came up with the idea to do a 31 day countdown on Instagram & Facebook to generate followers. Each day I posted a new item that would be available once the site launched. 

Although this is my first official blog, as previously stated, I have been using Instagram as an outlet to document the happenings of #RareFlare. If you do not currently follow @RareFlare I invite you to do so and review what has been on going since last September. However, I will review a few highlights here.

Prior to the launch, I was so focused on my web platform that I had not yet considered vending at special events and trade shows. That is, until I was approached by the very talented and beautiful event producer Miss Dunnie O to participate in the Facet Fashion & Beauty Expo. This was not just a simple table and rack set up, but rather, a 10' x 10' space enclosed in 3 blank walls. I was a little nervous about taking on such a huge project but my previous visual merchandise skills kicked in and once I got going it was like recalling how to ride a bike. I was very happy with my set up, the amount of sales, and the celebrity recognition of my brand. See pictures below:

Following that milestone came the first Rare Flare Look Book! I tackled being the creative director and key stylist head on in addition to posing as my disco diva fashion alter ego "Mrs. Rare Flare". My plate was very full but with the help of my husband and the many other talented people that I got to collaborate with, it moved along quite nicely. There were a few lessons learned, however I am happy with the outcome. With all that I am learning, I look forward to producing more. >>Click<< to review the look book and be sure to check out all the talented folks who helped make it a success. Below is a behind the scenes shot of me organizing looks.

There is so much more that happened this past year including my week in Las Vegas during Magic Market Week and vending at over 10 events. I would love to share every detail here but I am so consumed with the future of that I decided to focus my time on year 2. However, below is a photo of a recent vendor experience  that really solidified for me the potential of Rare Flare. The beautiful mind pictured with me below later booked me as a stylist for her project but read the caption below to learn the primary reason this moment warmed my heart.

Time sure flies when you're having fashion fun! I have been to more fashion and beauty related events in one year than in my entire lifetime. I appreciate everyone that I have built relationships with a long the way. Most of all, I appreciate my customers. Thank you so much for allowing me to Illuminate Your Style! In general, thank you to everyone who has supported my brand. Whether you liked my posts, followed my journey, featured me, collaborated, viewed the site, or purchased something, I truly appreciate you. There is so much in store that I'm dying to share so please keep in touch. In addition to restocking vintage I will be introducing Rare Flare Baubles, an original jewelry line designed by me. Stay tuned and drop me a line below.

Fierce regards,

Mrs. Rare Flare

It's not a look; it's a feeling. 🌌#RareFlare 🌌

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