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1140 Winchester Ave
Glendale, CA, 91201
United States


Emoji Heart Wire Necklace by Rare Flare


Rare Flare Vintage Fashion Boutique primarily offers one of a kind, hand selected clothes, shoes, and accessories from past decades. We also offer modern accessories designed by Rare Flare Originals.

Emoji Heart Wire Necklace by Rare Flare

EHERs Necklace.jpg
EHERs Necklace.jpg

Emoji Heart Wire Necklace by Rare Flare


The Emoji Heart Wire Necklace is inspired by our increasingly cyber world and the fun little emoji faces that we use to express our emotions within that realm. 

This Style Features:

  • Yellow Faux Crystal (glass)
  • Silver Tone Setting
  • Red Wire Necklace
  • Screw-on Closure
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